Beyond the Threshing Floor: 

Lessons of Healing and Hope  

About Randye

Randye McLemore began her journey with Jesus Christ in 1982.  Born to Jewish parents, Randye was raised in the synagogue, observing Jewish customs, rituals and holidays.  She had always wanted to be a Cantor in the synagogue, one who chants the prayers and brings the congregation into the presence of God through music , but that position was only reserved for men.  Instead, Randye taught prayer,Jewish law and music to pre -Bar and Bat Mitzvah students at Reform Temples in Maryland and South Florida.  

Years later, she was confronted by a neighbor who challenged her to look for Jesus in Jewish Holy Scriptures and, with a little guidance, it became clear that the Christ of the New Testament was prophesied many times in Old Testament Scriptures.

It took some time, but Randye gave her life to her Jewish Messiah, and has never looked back.  In the last quarter of a century, Randye has served the Lord with her life.

Her radio show, Victorious Living, profiled the lives of over 250 ordinary people who had lived through extraordinary circumstances, praising God on the other side.   Through her Rose of Sharon ministry, Randye has taught Bible studies to hundreds of women over the years, and has provided housing and financial assistance for women in need.

She has served on the Board of Directors for various international ministries that support women's issues and currently serves as on the Advisory Board of the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past decade, Randye has realized her dream of becoming a Cantor, as she leads her congregation in worship each Sunday.

Randye is also a businesswoman.  In 1988, she was the fourth woman in Florida to open  and operate a mortgage company licensed in both Florida and Georgia.  With over 100 employees, Mortgage Security Network grossed over $3million a year for three years running.  In 1995, Randye also opened RK Investment Realty, a boutique real estate company to further assist her client base.

Randye also speaks at women's events throughout the country. Her signature "You Can Get There from Here" has inspired thousands as she shares her story with others.  She also speaks on a number of business and Bible related topics.

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