Beyond the Threshing Floor: 

Lessons of Healing and Hope  

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Randye Kimmel-McLemore

Anyone, no matter how deep their sin, how painful their past or how evil their deeds, can come into God's light and be used mightily.  It is through our brokenness that God remold us into the person that He has created us to be.  In spite of our disappointments and shame, and, oftentimes, as a result of them that God calls us to carry out the individual plan that He has created for each of us.  Beyond the Threshing Floor:  Lessons of Healing andHope is a Bible study that helps women overcome the stumbling blocks that keep them from realizing their full potential. Through the pages of Scripture, God teaches us how to make sense out of loss, how to overcome fear and bitterness, and how women can rise above their past to become all that God has created them to be.
"I hadn't planned to write this book," says speaker-author, Randye Kimmel-McLemore. "In fact, I'd read this book many times.  But this particular morning, God spoke to my heart.  I felt, for the first time, the emotions that must have been running through Naomi as she lost her family and all she had, Ruth, as she left the security of her home for lands unknown, and Rahab, as she surrendered her heart, her business and her future to the God of a foreign people.

I wrote this book as a student, looking for answers to why women feel the way they do.  Little did I know that God was preparing me for 'such a time as this', not only to teach what I have learned, but to relearn the lessons as I teach.  I am honored and privileged to have receive this sweet gift from my Lord and Savior."
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